Build it…but keep it.

Build it…but keep it.

Episode 66:

Roger Whitney is on a mission to help change the concept of retirement. He wants to help everyone dream, plan, and live out a life focused on the things he or she cares about most. He has invested his entire 25+ year career as a financial planner helping people make their wealth work for them as they create fuller, more rewarding lives. He is a cofounder of WWK Wealth Advisors, host of the award-winning podcast The Retirement Answer Man and the Roger That! YouTube channel, former instructor at the University of Texas at Arlington, and an avid cyclist, board game enthusiast, and family man.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How and why Roger Whitney entered the financial planning industry
  • Roger's thoughts on what people over the age of 50 should be doing with their money
  • Which obstacles and challenges Roger faces in his business and how he overcomes them
  • Why Roger is particular about who he works with and how it has streamlined his business
  • Which mistakes Roger made in his career and what he learned from those experiences
  • Which pitfalls in financial planning you should be watching for and what you should do to avoid them
  • What successes Roger values most over the course of his career and what he learned from them
  • Roger's daily mantra that sets the tone for his day and encourages him to be successful
  • What Roger plans for his own future and what challenges he wants to tackle in the future
  • Which books and magazines Roger find the most useful for helping to understand business and financial planning
  • What advice Roger wants to share with people who are turning 50 and aren't sure how to plan for their future
  • How to become “unstuck” when you aren’t sure how to change your current situation or get where you want to go

Ways to contact Roger: