Continuous Growth, with Robert Purcell and Jose Ayala

Continuous Growth, with Robert Purcell and Jose Ayala

Episode 344:

Robert Purcell comes from Detroit, Michigan, and has been working for the past twelve years as a software developer. His real estate adventure began as an “accidental landlord” in 2012 when he, his wife Tricia, and three children upgraded to a large house. Somehow he came upon Smart Real Estate Coach and eventually, he joined the associate community as a High 6 and now as a full-time real estate investor.


Jose Ayala has over 40 years of experience between military and government service. With the same dedication and commitment, he now devotes it toward building his family-owned business, Mi Casa Real Estate Solutions, LLC, in Charles Town, West Virginia.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How the Wicked Smart Kickstart allows you to continue to grow throughout the year
  • Why the Wicked Smart community helps you learn more than you would with just one mentor
  • What caused Robert to upgrade his community membership level in only one day
  • How the academy helps you learn how to build your career from zero experience to full-time success
  • Why the Wicked Smart training programs can help you even if you’ve been unsuccessful with a different program




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