Real Estate CRM and Transaction Management, with Rob Swanson

Real Estate CRM and Transaction Management, with Rob Swanson

Episode 243:

Rob Swanson has trained thousands of real estate investors to find and profit from real estate deals all across the country. An expert at lead generation, cashflow, and investing remotely, Rob has bought, fixed, flipped, and held real estate in over 20+ states, and 33+ cities. He is the owner of FreedomSoft, a lead generation and phone based sales CRM for real estate investors with built-in workflow and follow-up automation. An active real estate investor, Rob focuses on buying properties for cashflow and has designed the Success and Support Teams at FreedomSoft to help people start, grow, and scale their real estate investing businesses.

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What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Freedomsoft helps the Smart Real Estate Coach team and many other investors manage their CRM and generate more leads
  • How Rob developed his own extensive real estate investing experience, and how the 2008 market crash impacted his investing business
  • Why Rob built and scaled Freedomsoft to help investors, and what kind of investors can make the most of Freedomsoft's easy, applicable services
  • How Rob's team helps people seamlessly integrate Freedomsoft into their existing real estate investment business, and how Freedomsoft works
  • What makes Freedomsoft different from other competitor platforms, and why ease-of-use and clear visualization are key
  • Why the biggest mistake Rob sees new users make is not organizing their business before they attempt to heavily automate it
  • How the modular, customizable nature of Freedomsoft gives its users complete control and allows an incredible amount of power and oversight into their business
  • Why Rob believes success comes from taking immediate action and then ensuring consistent follow-up every time
  • How to best assign statuses to simplify your lead tracking without adding too many statuses and complicating the system


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