Helping Real Estate Investors Keep Control of Their Lists, with Rob Swanson

Helping Real Estate Investors Keep Control of Their Lists, with Rob Swanson

Episode 368:

Rob Swanson has trained thousands of real estate investors to find and profit from real estate deals all across the country. An expert at lead generation, cash-flow, and investing remotely, Rob has bought, fixed, flipped, and held real estate in over 20+ states and 33+ cities.


He is the owner of FreedomSoft, a lead generation, and phone-based sales CRM for real estate investors with built-in workflow and follow-up automation. An active real estate investor, Rob focuses on buying properties for cash-flow and has designed the Success and Support Teams at FreedomSoft to help people start, grow, and scale their real estate investing businesses.


You can learn more and access a free video training series on 17 Simple, Fast, and Proven Ways to Find More Motivated Seller Leads at


What you will learn in this episode:


  • How Rob’s contribution to the QLS Live Event will help you generate leads for your real estate business
  • Who the FreedomSoft software will help
  • The importance of refining and developing your processes as the market evolves
  • Where to find Rob and his team at the QLS Live Event
  • What Rob is going to share at the QLS Live Event about FreedomSoft’s upcoming tech developments, and how they can help you build lists quickly and easily
  • Why Rob aims to help real estate business owners organize and keep control of their leads
  • Rob’s tips for how newer real estate investors can smooth their path ahead





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