The McDonalds’ Ray Crock of Real Estate, with Rhen Bartlett

The McDonalds’ Ray Crock of Real Estate, with Rhen Bartlett

Episode 91:

Rhen Bartlett has been the Chief Operating Officer at Irby Homebuyers, LLC, since January 2018.

As COO, Rhen Bartlett manages day-to-day company operations, as well as sales training, process implementation, marketing & advertising campaigns, and finances at Irby Homebuyers, LLC. During his brief tenure, Rhen has been able to cut expenses at Irby Homebuyers by 22.45% while simultaneously increasing revenue by 100%, month-over-month.

Thanks to Bartlett’s leadership, Irby Homebuyers is now able to focus on market expansion. At the time of this writing, Irby Homebuyers is poised to meet its goal of becoming the dominant player in both the Real Estate Investing and Multi-Family Acquisitions worlds.

Rhen Bartlett is a full-time single dad to Emi; a board member at the Mobile area Family Center; and a passionate advocate of local Fatherhood Outreach programs.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Rhen shares his personal story, including his path through marketing and advertising post-college that eventually led him to the real estate industry
  • Why Rhen feels passionate about real estate sales and creating processes to reach sales goals faster
  • Rhen shares advice to be able to scale a real estate business, including maximizing time and automate backend processes
  • Rhen gives insights into his goals for 2019 for Irby Homebuyers
  • Rhen shares his systems to allow his business to become fully automated to ensure scalability with more properties
  • What beginner entrepreneurs need to keep in mind as they are starting a business, and some of Rhen’s challenges he has faced
  • Rhen shares the utmost importance of mindset and training to handle adversity in his business
  • Rhen speaks about the backend numbers of his business including employee and gross sales
  • What Rhen does each day to prepare himself for the day ahead
  • Lastly, Rhen shares tidbits for those looking to become real estate investors

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