Journey from Australia to the U.S. with No Prior Experience, with Reed Goossens

Journey from Australia to the U.S. with No Prior Experience, with Reed Goossens

Episode 142:

In 2012, Reed Goossens quit his job in Australia and moved halfway across the globe to the US to change his life, and to chase a dream. With limited funds, no investing experience, and no credit, Reed went from purchasing a small duplex to growing his own real estate investment firm, Wildhorn Capital. Reed now syndicates large multi-million dollar deals across the US. He has also achieved financial freedom and has taken control of life.

Reed is also the host of the successful podcast Investing in the U.S., wherein he invites other distinguished real estate investors and entrepreneurs to speak with him about their success and help guide other investors who want to successfully invest in the U.S.!

Reed is also a best-selling author with two books now on Amazon: Investing in the US – The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate, and 10,000 Miles to the American Dream.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Reed decided to leave Australia and move to New York City, and how he got started in real estate with few resources to lean on
  • What early skills and lessons Reed developed when he was breaking into real estate, and what differences he sees in the access to information in the U.S.
  • Why it takes true dedication, hard work, and courage to get started in real estate investing
  • How Reed scaled his portfolio and made the transition from buying small duplex homes to buying large apartment complexes
  • Why Reed moved into “syndicating” investments and building up his credibility to position himself as a leading real estate investment syndicator
  • Reed shares his thoughts and tips for building a successful and recession-resistant real estate investing business
  • Why Reed has chosen to focus his thought leadership on investors from abroad wanting to begin investing within the U.S.
  • What advice Reed would offer to any investor looking to build up their personal brand, and why niching down is the key to building your reputation as an expert
  • How being a thought leader and planting his flag as an authority and subject-matter expert have created new investment opportunities for Reed
  • Why hosting his Investing in the U.S. podcast has given Reed the ability to form a powerful network and has given him a tremendous return on investment


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