Tax Free Investing for Life…not just yours…with Self Directed IRAS

Tax Free Investing for Life…not just yours…with Self Directed IRAS

Episode 43:

Quincy Long is the president of Quest IRA. The Quest IRA corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, however they administer clients accounts from across the nation, with offices in Dallas and Austin, TX. They opened our doors in early 2003 and have since developed into one of the leading self-directed IRA administrators in the nation. With over 12,000 satisfied clients, they pride themselves as having world famous customer service.

Quest IRA administers IRAs for the purpose of investing in alternative investments, including real estate, notes, oil and gas, and private placements, just to name a few of the almost endless investment possibilities. All of the accounts offered at Quest IRA are self-directed, meaning you get to make the decisions and their staff will provide expert account administration and transaction support services. They like to say that their best clients are the most educated clients, so in an effort to help you make the best investment decisions, they offer several educational weekly classes in their offices and online. In addition, each month Quest holds many presentations, workshops and seminars across the U.S. to educate people and allow for excellent networking opportunities.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Why education is critical for those who are looking to invest
  • Why investors don't need a lot of money to invest in real estate
  • How to invest in real estate through a self-directed IRA which lets you choose your investments
  • How to buy nearly anything through an IRA except for collectibles, life insurance, and a few other exceptions
  • Why investors may be intimidated by investing through a self-directed IRA, even if it's an optimal solution
  • Why it's important to get direction when investing through an IRA since there are rules regarding IRA investing
  • How an IRA can be distributed and inherited through a family, even on a generational basis
  • How an IRA is ultimately a step towards living a tax-free life