Get Your Buyers Mortgage-Ready, with Paul Ritter

Get Your Buyers Mortgage-Ready, with Paul Ritter

Episode 113:

Paul Ritter has over 25 years’ experience in the mortgage and credit enhancement industries. He has developed software, which invokes mortgage-underwriting guidelines. It is very useful for anyone looking to buy a home, wants to run “what if” scenarios and is especially useful for Lease Option transactions. Paul has formerly owned and operated several mortgage companies. He is currently the owner of Credit Investigation Service, dba My Credit Team that specializes in credit enhancement for the Real Estate Industry. He also owns a screening company, which provides the front-end piece to evaluate potential tenants/buyers. He is an expert in building Business Credit.

Paul is well versed in identity theft protection and repairing a credit report after an ID theft incident. He is FICO certified, an expert in his field and a nationally sought after speaker.

Paul Ritter is a credit repair and lease options specialist. He owns a credit repair company in the Pittsburgh area. He partnered with a tenant screening company He is also on the board of local REIA in Monroeville, PA.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The when, how, and why Paul Ritter got started in the credit repair and credit enhancement industry
  • Why people should use Ritter’s screening company for their buyers, and what sets it apart
  • When the tenant/buyer should fill out the application
  • How the tenant or tenant/buyer can proceed with a transaction if they are already living in the house they want to purchase
  • The information required to submit an application, and which party should handle it
  • What documentation the investor will receive after the application and screening are complete
  • How My Credit Team’s process can offer legal protection because of their signed disclosures
  • The action plan My Credit Team provides to get tenant/buyers prepared for a future mortgage
  • Ritter’s pricing model and waived fees for Smart Real Estate Coach referrals

Additional resources from Paul Ritter:

Additional resources: