Infinite Banking, with Nick Kosko

Infinite Banking, with Nick Kosko

Episode 321:

Today’s guest, Nick Kosko, is a former pilot who knew there had to be a better way to become financially free and provide for his family. After interviewing several traditional financial advisors and rejecting that path, Nick came across Infinite Banking and changed his life for the better. By understanding how banks work and how he could be his own banker, Nick was able to get his passive income to exceed his ideal standard of living. Now, as a Wealth Strategist at CreateTailwind, Nick educates, motivates, and inspires people to take back control of their money.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • What is infinite banking and what is the one problem that infinite banking solves
  • What are the reasons that real estate investors would use infinite banking
  • Why it is not always better for real estate investors to use cash when purchasing real estate
  • How real estate investors can buy more real estate when they use the infinite banking concept
  • Why you should think bigger if you’re going through the process of being your own banker
  • Why Nick believes there is no reason to leave money in a financial institution
  • How being short-sighted will lead to being distracted by rate, and why infinite banking requires you to think long term
  • Why Nick believes that retirement is a scarcity thought, and what he plans to do instead




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