Marketing on YouTube, with Nate Woodbury

Marketing on YouTube, with Nate Woodbury

Episode 261:

Nate Woodbury is the producer for over 20 YouTube channels. He’s achieved a great track record of success, helping speakers and coaches leverage YouTube to generate leads and clients for their businesses. He loves pulling back the curtains on a variety of channels, showing the exact steps you can take to achieve predictable success. You’ll come away with a complete vision of what’s possible on YouTube, for you to generate leads for your business, and an actionable roadmap to get started on YouTube today.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Nate believes marketing on YouTube is an ideal way to get seen and generate leads and interest in your business, especially as an expert in your field
  • Why trying to appear “too professional” can backfire, and why being conversational, authentic and delivering great content is what really matters
  • Why ensuring that your YouTube video titles are searchable and answer the specific questions people are asking is crucial for building your audience
  • Why it is important to avoid turning your “how-to” videos into a sales pitch, and why you should instead focus on directing people to your website with a free gift
  • Why your early videos probably won't be amazing but are important for helping you develop your skills and build an audience, and why consistency is key
  • Nate shares a story of a big win one of his clients, an AirBNB investing coach, was able to see as soon as she began implementing Nate's strategies for marketing on YouTube
  • How exciting features recently added to the platform have created innovative and effective ways of marketing on YouTube
  • Why passion and persistence have been critical for helping Nate overcome the challenges he has faced and mistakes he has made
  • How Nate has learned to systematize and strengthen his business by outsourcing much of the necessary work to overseas employees


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