Fund and Grow Your Real Estate Business

Fund and Grow Your Real Estate Business

Episode 8:

Mike is the C.O.O of Fund&Grow, he specializes in helping Real Estate Investors and small businesses get Business Credit Lines to fund their investments and obtain capital to grow. In 30 days, F&G builds up to $150,000 at zero percent interest for 6-15 months. The accounts are unsecured so there’s no collateral needed, they can be used as cash for RE purchases and they don’t show up on the personal credit report.

What you will learn:

  • Why real estate investors can benefit from networking with professionals
  • How to repair your credit quickly in order to start investing
  • Using business credit lines to obtain financing for deals and protect your personal credit
  • Keeping personal and business finances separate to reduce risk
  • How to understand the business credit line market
  • An easy to grasp negotiating process to help you win every time
  • Working with the right underwriters for your business
  • What to expect throughout the capital raising process
  • Finding the guidance you need as a new investor

Ways to contact Mike: