Being Your Own Boss and Beating the Banks

Being Your Own Boss and Beating the Banks

Episode 9:

Michelle Sasso has been doing real estate for over 33 years. Before that she was a single mother, working three jobs to support her family. She set out in real estate to be her own boss and make money for her future. Over time she came to hate the banks and decided she needed to figure out a way around them. She has grown her business without relying on bank financing.

What you will learn:

  • How to leverage your credit to grow your business
  • Using hard money lenders to finance deals no matter your situation
  • Improving your credit through simple measures
  • Repurposing your money to use it smarter
  • Thinking about your purchases as an investor and not a consumer
  • Where to get the best advice you need as a new real estate investor

Ways to contact Michelle: