Finding Your Why, with Melissa Johnson

Finding Your Why, with Melissa Johnson

Episode 304:

Melissa Johnson has been flipping houses in San Antonio, TX since 2003, growing and expanding the business into a thriving real estate investment operation. With over 1000 houses flipped, she has also built a portfolio of rental properties and real estate notes while raising five children. She provides coaching, support, and education for other high level real estate investors and business owners nationwide. As co-founder of the San Antonio InvestHer meetup group and an active member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, and the National Association of Women Business Owners, she is dedicated to the success and empowerment of women in business. Melissa also recently launched the E3 Podcast on iTunes where she highlights everyday women and the struggles, lessons, and wisdom they encounter as entrepreneurs.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Melissa got started investing in real estate in 2003, and why breaking out of her corporate job was her goal
  • Why finding your why is important, and why developing your resilience and being ready to get up when you're knocked down is vital
  • What Melissa believes holds so many people back from breaking into real estate full time, and how to push through those fears
  • What Melissa's “why” is, and how living her purpose and creating the lifestyle she wants is at the core of her “why”
  • What next steps Melissa has planned, including “retiring” from her house flipping business to focus on coaching and other projects
  • Why many of the women Melissa works with in her coaching business struggle with self-doubt issues, and how she helps them see their worth
  • Why investing in a great business coach is truly about investing in yourself, and how the price of coaching can pay for itself many times over in avoided mistakes
  • What to look for in a great coach, and why working with the right coach can help accelerate your success
  • What major wins Melissa has experienced, and what key lessons she was able to draw from her biggest losses
  • How having her first child at sixteen was pivotal for Melissa and created a true turning point in her life




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