Real Estate Lead Generation by Writing a Book, with Max Keller

Real Estate Lead Generation by Writing a Book, with Max Keller

Episode 225:

Max Keller is a real estate investor, bestselling author, and highly sought after consultant,
speaker, and expert panelist on the topic of lead generation and marketing for real
estate investors.

In just a few short years Max went from being a full-time high school Math Teacher to flipping over 100 houses. Max’s unique marketing approach landed him onstage with Robert Kiyosaki being presented with the 2019 Industry Innovator of the Year Award.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Max made the transition from teaching high school math full time to investing in real estate through wholesaling and fix-and-flip
  • How Max learned the importance of differentiating as his local real estate investor market became increasingly crowded, and why he decided to focus on senior homeowners
  • How focusing tightly on the senior niche surprised Max by helping him land more deals, even if he wasn't always the highest bid
  • Why there are two ways to get deals, by either hunting or trapping, and why Max considers himself a trapper
  • Why Max wrote a book not to sell to readers, but to build his credibility and sell readers on what he can do for them
  • How there are two different methods real estate investors can take to write a book, and what kind of time and money it takes to write a book
  • How writing a book can be a powerful tool for building credibility and trust and generating more leads
  • Max offers examples of how writing a book became a game changing marketing strategy and helped generate word-of-mouth advertising
  • How Max's book has increased the profitability of his deals, reduce competition and seller resistance, and helped Max have more fun
  • What obstacles Max sees in real estate investors that feel hesitant about writing a book, and why people often misunderstand what being an expert entails


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