Finding Proximity to Greatness, with Luke Wren

Finding Proximity to Greatness, with Luke Wren

Episode 330:

Luke Wren is a ​​Top International Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, and the founder of The Rhythm Nation with over 20 years of experience. Luke started his career building a chain of health clubs in the USA which led to a multi-million dollar exit.


He has gone on to coach CEOs, best-selling authors, and high-level entrepreneurs to help them scale their business, and live their life to the fullest using his wheel of life method.


Luke has spoken at over 60 Tony Robbins events including Business Mastery, Life, Wealth Mastery, Date with Destiny, and Platinum Partner events.


He is also a 4x all-American Collegiate Wrestler.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How working at a young age helps to develop a strong work ethic
  • How Luke got started in personal development after buying a cassette from a garage sale
  • Why having proximity to like-minded people or the opportunity to meet your mentors is important
  • Why you should not wait, and always follow your intuition
  • How Luke went from volunteering in the crew to being a Tony Robbins speaker
  • How to utilize your fears to challenge yourself and change your life




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