The Smart Real Estate Community, with Link Ervin

The Smart Real Estate Community, with Link Ervin

Episode 120:

Link Ervin lives in Kings Mountain, NC with his two small children. In addition to the two small kids, he is also the father of two sons currently attending UNC-Chapel Hill who also help some during summer and school breaks when they aren’t too busy with school and marching band. Link also has two older daughters who are now off on their own.

Link is actually a fourth-generation real estate investor with commercial, multi-family, and residential experience. They have been involved in buying, selling, renovating, rehabbing, flipping and leasing real estate in this market for over 20 years. They got interested in this terms-type real estate investing after the latest market crash in 2008. He was self-employed with great credit and could no longer get a stated income loan. There were very few options when it came to buying a house. The market has definitely improved but there are still a SIGNIFICANT number of buyers who cannot go out and get a loan today.

In the mid-2000s, Link owned the fastest-growing Nationwide Insurance agency in the Carolinas. Prior to that, he was in the Auto Industry sErvin as sales and finance managers for almost 20 years. He has a degree in business management and actually grew up around the family business his whole life.

Link’s grandparents started and ran up to 11 dime stores across southern WV from 1930 until 2004. He was always involved in discussions regarding the business, management, tax, growth, closure, and employee situations, etc.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Link Ervin’s story and his family background in real estate
  • How Ervin got started as an associate with Chris
  • The family dynamic of the Smart Real Estate Coach team
  • How Ervin avoids coming out of pocket in all of his deals
  • The returns that associates see on their deals
  • How associates form a mastermind for real-time feedback on their deals
  • The QLS niche and how to break into it

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