Recruiting High-Quality Talent, with Leslie McIntyre-Tavella

Recruiting High-Quality Talent, with Leslie McIntyre-Tavella

Episode 319:

Leslie has devoted her entire career to building and strengthening businesses and creating environments where talented people can excel. She understood from the beginning that differentiation and consistency are crucial to thriving in a competitive business climate. Leslie launched her first start-up organization thirty years ago to bring a different service paradigm to the recruiting and staffing industry. Her prior company became a 20 million dollar company, won numerous awards including “First Place in Best Places to Work” and 11th place for Women-Owned Businesses in the U.S.” Leslie McIntyre-Tavella is a progressive leader and entrepreneur, one comfortable collaborating and engaging with C-Suite executives in a wide range of industries. She has held leadership and membership roles in various industry groups including a board position at Dress for Success and the Chairman for the CT ASA Chapter and has written for several periodicals and magazines. After three years away from the staffing industry, Leslie realized that her perspective had shifted and showed her different insights as to where the gaps are in today's business landscape. At this time, with all that is going on in the world, Leslie is tackling a new people solutions start-up focusing on HR compliance and Talent Optimization. Leslie realized that there was still a big gap in educating firms on operational excellence, the need for a strong HR foundation, the importance of talent acquisition, and training your leadership team.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Leslie was able to grow her corporate staffing and recruiting firm to 20 million dollars in revenue
  • What compliance and protection structures do businesses need to have in place to protect their employees
  • How many employees should a company have when they begin setting up proper HR practices
  • When and why should business owners begin considering outsourcing talent recruitment
  • Why businesses should use their company values every day to keep everyone aligned with the culture and mission
  • What is the HYMN method to writing job descriptions, and how does it help attract the right talent
  • Why should the job application process only have 10 touches or less
  • Why it's very important to hire people that challenge you and can complement your weaknesses




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