The Risk-Averse Investor, with Leigh Brown

The Risk-Averse Investor, with Leigh Brown

Episode 268:

Many know Leigh for her accomplishments as a highly successful REALTOR® and a best-selling author. This just begins to scratch the surface. She is an award-winning educator and influencer, an innovative CEO and a must-see international speaker. She actively educates professionals in every realm of business leadership and relationships. Leigh is a do-it-all professional.

Leigh has a passion for motivating those around her to want more. She has worked with all ranges of the professional spectrum — from new-to-the-trade rookies to CEOs of massively successful brands. It is her ability to articulate complex concepts in ways that everyone can relate to that makes her leadership so impactful.

Leigh wants to leave her mark on the next generation of professionals. Whatever your field of business is, Leigh has tools that can promote growth and a team-oriented environment. She has the sales techniques; she has the experience; she has the PASSION! Leigh wants to help YOU!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What properties are best to invest in if you are a risk-averse investor
  • Why 1031 is one the most effective tax opportunities
  • What Leigh expects to see in the real estate market in upcoming years
  • Why current Section 8 tenants are better than before
  • How to get involved in Section 8 properties
  • How does Leigh manage different business ventures and her personal life
  • What Leigh thinks millennials have missed out on


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