Pivoting with Market Changes, with Lee Kearney

Pivoting with Market Changes, with Lee Kearney

Episode 188:

Lee Kearney is one of the nation’s most active and successful single-family real estate investors, having flipped over 7000 houses in the last decade, totaling over $500 million in property, under his SPIN real estate company. Lee is known as the leading expert in understanding and leveraging real estate market cycles. He’s been on the front lines of flipping homes, and his passion and expertise come into play as he inspires and educates real estate investors at all levels through his FLIP YOUR INCOME training program.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Lee started out in real estate in Ireland in 2003 by making money “by accident”, and how he then learned valuable lessons about curb appeal and cosmetics
  • How Lee discovered foreclosure deals and began learning quickly, mastering the niche of foreclosure auctions before losing everything in 2008 and starting over again
  • How the global pandemic has “put the brakes on the entire world economy” and signaled a new era of real estate
  • Why your strategies must change as the market shifts, with different strategies at the top, middle and bottom of the market
  • Why the equity you think you can have in your real estate properties can evaporate overnight with market changes
  • Why it is important to not just focus on cash flow but to also have a plan for an exit strategy with your properties
  • Lee shares stories of his own investments and that of others that were negatively impacted by market cycles
  • Why Lee considers being able to pivot with the market represents one of his biggest and most important wins
  • Why Lee is focusing on raising capital to cash in on the opportunities presented by the market downturn
  • Why Lee believes strongly in not having downtime and in pairing productive tasks with non-productive tasks


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