If a 10 Year Old Can Buy an Apartment Building, So Can You, with Lance Edwards

If a 10 Year Old Can Buy an Apartment Building, So Can You, with Lance Edwards

Episode 81:

Lance Edwards is #1 best-selling author of How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments. He’s been involved with apartments since 2002. His first real estate deal was a small apartment – a 4-plex he bought nothing down. He’s done deals ranging from 3 units to nearly 300 units. He started part-time while working a demanding corporate job and within 3 years retired from corporate America, thanks to small apartments. He’s been teaching and coaching apartments since 2007. The largest deal he’s done with students is a $11 million flip with 2 students.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How Lance made the leap from working in a corporate environment for over 20 years to investing in real estate
  • How to overcome your reservations and complete your first deal, while maintaining your current job to pay the bills
  • What obstacles and limiting beliefs to expect when getting started in real estate, and how to effectively overcome them
  • Why small apartment buildings are a great investment opportunity with the potential for greater profits than single-family
  • How Lance generates small apartment leads, and what method has been an effective “secret weapon”
  • Why Lance considers mistakes to be “expensive lessons”, and how to avoid them in your own business
  • How to effectively scale up your apartment business as you gain experience and feel more comfortable in the space
  • What three productive things Lance does every day to be his best and succeed in business
  • Which business mentors have had the greatest influence on all aspects of Lance's life and why
  • What advice present-day Lance would give his younger self about working in the corporate world

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