Marketing in Facebook Groups, with Kyle Rodgers

Marketing in Facebook Groups, with Kyle Rodgers

Episode 358:

Kyle Rodgers, CEO of Bot Fox, has grown a community of over 8,000 real estate investors. Kyle uses Facebook groups to get deals on a weekly basis with no ad spend, and educates and empowers his students to pursue their goals and save time by automating the advertising process.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • What Bot Fox does and how they help real estate investors
  • How to achieve 100% organic Facebook reach to get sellers reaching out to you
  • The importance of having a mentor to move the needle in your business
  • How Bot Fox can help you find motivated sellers no matter your niche
  • Kyle’s experience of traveling Europe with his family AND making real estate deals online
  • How Bot Fox gives you the gift of time with automation
  • Some of the challenges Kyle helps people overcome in their marketing practices




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