Getting the Right Website Traffic, with Kris Reid

Getting the Right Website Traffic, with Kris Reid

Episode 328:

Kris Reid is the Founder and CEO of Ardor SEO. Originally from Brisbane, Australia. Kris studied Software Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology. As soon as he graduated Kris moved to London to work in finance for some very big names, including Euroclear and Visa Europe.


When the financial crisis hit, Kris lost his job as nearly everyone in finance and headed back to Australia with his tail between his legs. Kris had always built desktop applications so he wanted to learn web programming. He decided to build a simple online game called Mob Warrior. As the game came to fruition, Kris thought about how to get people to the website to play the game. Kris started to learn about search engine optimization. This marked the inception of what will be Ardor SEO.


The truth is most businesses fail. They don’t fail because the entrepreneur isn’t working hard enough, and they don’t fail because they’ve got bad products or services. Most businesses fail simply because they can’t get enough customers.


Kris developed a simple system to get your message in front of your ideal customer to predictably grow your business. He has designed and implemented this simple system for people like world-renowned business author Mike Michalowicz, the biggest business podcast on the planet Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas and Avery Carl, one of the top 100 realtors in the US with over sales of $158 Million in 2020!


This proven system is repeatable for any business, in any industry. Kris Reid is so confident in his system that he guarantees the results!


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why does Kris believe that most real estate investors waste a lot of money on marketing
  • What is the first question to consider when thinking of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website
  • Why a website with a good design is not enough to generate the right leads
  • How to determine how much traffic you need on your website each month
  • What type of content should your website have to get the right leads
  • How does SEO compare to traditional marketing methods like television or radio




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