Supporting a Real Estate Investing Community, with Kelsie Deppen

Supporting a Real Estate Investing Community, with Kelsie Deppen

Episode 316:

Kelsie Deppen was born and raised in Southern Illinois. She is a graduate of Southern Illinois University where she earned a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counseling and Business Administration. After graduating, she relocated to California. Kelsie has many years of experience in a variety of service provisions, including therapy, program evaluation, and teaching. Kelsie is very passionate about working in business administration.


As our Community Director, she is dedicated to creating a supportive environment and quality experience for our associates during their journey within the Wicked Smart Community.


Kelsie is involved in her local community by helping the homeless population in Los Angeles. She also frequently volunteers with local animal rescue groups and shelters. She enjoys spending time with her dog, Gigi, and cat, Blu.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Kelsie's unique career path led to becoming the Community Director and supporting the Wicked Smart real estate investing community
  • What parts of Kelsie's job most appeal to her, and what major things about the job stood out to Kelsie when she first started
  • How Kelsie made the transition into a completely different industry and position, and what skills have served her throughout her career
  • Why the sense of connection and the mutual support in the Wicked Smart community is one of its defining traits
  • What Kelsie's role as Community Director is, and how she often serves as the first point of contact for new Associates
  • Why working directly with Zach has been helpful for Kelsie as she has gotten familiar with the community and her role in it
  • How Kelsie's strong onboarding process reflects the sense of connection and support at all levels of the Wicked Smart community
  • What you need to know about the Wicked Smart community if you're considering becoming a part of it


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