This Upstream Model Is Sure to Get Your Attention, with Justin Stoddart

This Upstream Model Is Sure to Get Your Attention, with Justin Stoddart

Episode 167:

Justin Stoddart is most proud of being married to a superhero wife and being the father of six amazing children. In his professional life, Justin has built businesses over the past 20 years. In doing so, he’s found his passion is to inspire people to see the potential that is within them so that they can be in pursuit of that potential, leading a happy and fulfilled life of greater impact.

He is considered by many to be a real estate industry challenger by helping the title, lending and real estate industries to think bigger about the value they can bring into the relationships of their clients and others in their industry.

He is the author of an upcoming book The Upstream Model, which is focused on helping sales and service professionals rise above being displaced and replaced by technology and low cost labor by increasing their value proposition, their ability to communicate that value and the size of their audience.

He is the founder of Think Bigger Real Estate® and host of the Think Bigger Real Estate Show podcast in which he broadcasts a daily interview with a big thinker and high achiever. In doing so, he knows that as he and his audience spend time with these show guests, their own thinking changes. As thinking changes, their actions follow, then their results and then their impact also follow suit.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Justin's upbringing encouraged him to want to become an entrepreneur, and how the real estate market collapse in 2008-2009 helped him refocus his efforts
  • How Justin launched his Think Bigger Real Estate Show podcast to have the opportunity to speak with investors and entrepreneurs both within and outside his niche
  • How watching his parents both succeed and fail in their efforts as entrepreneurs taught Justin to accept failures as opportunities to continue to grow
  • Why business is always changing and evolving, and why Justin believes you have to continue to increase your value proposition to keep pace with these changes
  • Why Justin made the decision to focus all of his efforts and attention on things that help move the needle for his success
  • What valuable wisdom Justin included in his upcoming book The Upstream Model about rising above industry disruption to add value and stay ahead of technology
  • Why all of the thoughts and insights in Justin's book are viable not just for real estate agents but for investors too
  • How Justin overcame the devastating setback of the 2008 real estate collapse and adjusted his mindset to get past a scarcity mindset
  • Why Justin named his personal brand “Think Bigger”, and how it has become more than his brand but his mantra for life
  • How finding the right coach has helped Justin stay focused, keep the right mindset, and stay consistent in his dedication to achieving


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