Communicating Your Vulnerability, with Jordan Montgomery

Communicating Your Vulnerability, with Jordan Montgomery

Episode 337:

Jordan Montgomery is the owner of Montgomery companies. He's a highly regarded performance coach and keynote speaker whose clients include business executives, sales organizations, and entrepreneurs.
His coaching is directly related to everything he does, from small town, Iowa, to a dominant force in the performance coaching industry. Jordan travels the country speaking and coaching executives at Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and salespeople.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • What Jordan learned from losing his job after reaching success at 27 years old
  • Why vulnerability and communication are important to be a great leader
  • What is the one leadership style that every person loves to follow
  • Why it’s important to not assume that people heard us, just because we said something
  • What is the main gap in communication that Jordan commonly sees
  • Why leaders should be overtly vulnerable with their team to build trust and credibility
  • What are small and practical ways that leaders can be vulnerable in their workplace
  • How leaders can leverage their weaknesses and hard times to be more authentic
  • How should our personal values differ from our business values
  • How failure can be beneficial if we learn something from it




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