Bust Through Your Comfort Zone

Bust Through Your Comfort Zone

Episode 6:

John started researching real estate in 2002 and found there were many avenues to success in real estate. He kept stumbling upon lease options and at the time there wasn't much information out there about them, but he had been an active day trader for a few years so he understood options and decided to pursue lease options because they didn't require any money or risk.

John built his company Leasing To Buy having zero clues what he was doing and with nobody who had a business model like he was trying to build, he just had to wing it. Since 2003, his company has done over 600 lease options, most of them in the Ft. Worth area and John now trains people from all over how to duplicate his business model.

John came to be known as the “Texas Lease Option Guy,” because TX has specific laws about lease options and he is one of very few teachers in the lease options business in TX.

What you will learn:

  • Why you should take the high road when investing in real estate
  • How to really help others while making money investing
  • What to do to have an actual business model others will respect
  • How to be discerning when seeking advice on your business
  • Why the ability to adapt is the key to success
  • Where to get the prosperity mentality and how to use it
  • The meaning and utility of the acronym and lifestyle: BUCK
  • How to bust through your comfort zone
  • Where to find easy to use resources to improve your business

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