Hard Work Without Direction Won’t Take You to Your Destination

Hard Work Without Direction Won’t Take You to Your Destination

Episode 46:

John Alexandrov was an Attorney in Massachusetts for over 30 years. He was best known as a leader in providing business legal services to entrepreneurs and business owners. John and I met at a mastermind group back in 1991 and from that a friendship and many business relationships spawned. We did this interview together in the fall of 2017 and after his unfortunate passing at the end of the year, we wrestled what to do with the show. Our family listened to it and said that is one of THE best, if not THE best episode I've heard – you should let others benefit from it…John was amazing.

With that we bring you Chris and John's live chat this week for a one-time release.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • Why your business needs to have confident, capable general counselors
  • Using a tried-and-true system to help you sidestep roadblocks you would otherwise experience
  • Why hard work may not necessarily equate to financial wealth
  • How worrying can make it difficult to deal with challenges
  • The power of having a mastermind groups
  • Why you should ask yourself about where your personal mental energy is going
  • Why discipline can lead directly to freedom, in terms of flexibility and stability
  • Why the majority of your success or failure in business is mental