Protect Your Deal With a Mortgage Expert in Your Corner, with Jesse Mills

Protect Your Deal With a Mortgage Expert in Your Corner, with Jesse Mills

Episode 115:

Jesse Mills has been a Senior Mortgage Advisor for the last 15 years and a Real Estate Investor for the last 8 years. His passion is to show people how to live the most amazing life possible and to live each day to the fullest. He uses his experience, passion and creativity to help as many as he can get into a home of their own, reduce their debt, get on the path to financial freedom and realize the opportunities we have today to live a life most dream of. Jesse got started doing Lease Option and Seller Finance deals in 2011 and has been buying, selling and helping others use this great strategy ever since. He now also uses his mortgage and Lease Option/Seller Finance experience to help other investors run their businesses correctly. When he's not working he's with his wife and 2 adorable children traveling, camping or being active outdoors.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jesse Mills’ experience getting his buyers to the finish line, and why it’s important to talk to a mortgage advisor before closing a lease option or financing deal
  • The most common mistakes people make in real estate deals and how to avoid them
  • Why Mills’ review of a tenant-buyer goes so much deeper than credit alone and what it entails
  • Mills’ passion for helping people get mortgages and helping other investors show people how to do it
  • How to get a free 33-point Tenant-Buyer Checklist
  • Mills’ biggest successes on both the lending and investor side
  • How to establish a career in real estate that will allow you to design the lifestyle you want

Additional resources from Jesse Mills:

Additional resources: