From Recession to Recession-Resistant, with Jennifer Hansen

From Recession to Recession-Resistant, with Jennifer Hansen

Episode 140:

Jennifer Hansen is a writer and editor who grew a side gig of real estate investing into seven-figure holdings. She joined Smart Real Estate Coach as a High 6 member and launched her terms business, Burrow & Bell Property Solutions, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, last year.

By the mid-aughts, Jennifer had a small real estate portfolio, but saw economic trouble ahead. She started selling properties and in 2008, wrote a controversial column predicting the recession and warning readers to reduce debt and simplify. Although she was able to sell most of her holdings, the recession wiped out the value of her remaining properties, destroying years of hard work, savings, and equity. More importantly, it stole precious family time and created immense stress.

In 2013, she ventured back into real estate with her first commercial property. Within a few years Jennifer started her own editing business and she and her husband Marc slowly built their real estate portfolio. Today, they own a mix of commercial and residential properties.

Always looking for recession-resistant strategies, Jennifer joined the Smart Real Estate program and is building her terms business in Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, and southern Missouri. In 2020, she’ll leave her editing business to focus entirely on helping families and individuals buy and sell on terms through her company, Burrow & Bell Property Solutions

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jennifer saw the 2008 market crash coming as early as 2005 and how she began to sell off her real estate holdings but still got hit hard by the recession
  • What important lessons and investment strategies she learned from going through the real estate crash
  • How Jennifer got started in real estate a second time after being drawn to a commercial/residential mixed-use property
  • How Jennifer discovered the Smart Real Estate Coach and the terms business and why she believes the terms business is recession-resistant
  • Why developing the right mindset has been a huge factor in Jennifer's real estate success and why it is important to do your due diligence
  • How Jennifer's views on real estate investing have evolved as she has learned the terms business
  • What key steps Jennifer suggests new investors take to clarify their goals and motivate themselves to get excited about achieving their goals
  • Why childhood experiences of both having and not having a stable home life have made a lasting impact on Jennifer and motivated her to start her business
  • What future plans Jennifer has to put her editing business on hold and work full time in her real estate business
  • Why Jennifer finds continual learning to be an important part of personal development and why it is important to understand your risk tolerance


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