Complete Control of Your Investments, with Jason Hartman

Complete Control of Your Investments, with Jason Hartman

Episode 127:

Leading real estate expert and investor Jason Hartman is the President of Platinum Properties Investor Network, which recently celebrated 14 years in business and now offers income properties in 41 markets throughout the United States.

He's also a media and marketing entrepreneur who hosts more than 20 different podcasts. His shows have a global audience in 164 countries and are frequently ranked at the top of iTunes.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jason Hartman’s inspiration for becoming a real estate investor
  • The multi-dimensional nature of income properties vs. other investments
  • Hartman’s ten commandments for becoming a successful investor
  • Jason Harman’s definition of an investment and why the distinction matters
  • The problem with traditional methods of investing
  • How income properties act during inflation, deflation, and stagnation
  • Inflation-induced debt destruction

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