Specializing in Lease/Purchase Cash Outs

Specializing in Lease/Purchase Cash Outs

Episode 47:

Jason Davis began in the mortgage business in the mid 90's and has been through the ups and downs of the industry having held almost every position possible in the mortgage industry. He started his property and casualty insurance company in 2011 and now successfully runs those two companies as well as invests in real estate on the side. He is also a competitive crossfitter and marathoner. He ran the marathon the day after our last QLS event in RI. He has a wife of 24 years and two girls aged 12 and 8.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jason learned from the school of hard knocks and entered the industry because of a scam
  • The multiple businesses Jason has and how that helped him survive 2006-2008
  • How serving one customer at a time led to a multi-million dollar company
  • Diversification and why it’s important to be ready for all seasons
  • The importance of educating underwriters and borrowers
  • Challenges when working with a tenant buyer
  • Making sure the customer comes first in every aspect of the business
  • How starting with a plan on day one makes a huge difference in transactions
  • Why everyone involved in a transaction needs to be on the same page
  • Creative things Jason does to form deals
  • How Jason manages work life balance with two businesses
  • Jason’s morning routine that keeps him sharp and focused
  • Why having the right people in your business can make all the difference
  • Determining which tasks you should do and which tasks you should delegate
  • A book that changed the way Jason looks at the world, as well as others that transformed the way he runs his businesses
  • The importance of focusing on yourself and not letting a bad day affect your decisions
  • The situation that led to Jason to have to stop working in his insurance and mortgage companies for two years, and how he overcame this adversity
  • The best decision Jason believes he’s made in his businesses
  • Why you should get out there and create your own opportunities
  • Why your 9-5 job may not be as secure as you think it is
  • How to create more free time and opportunity for yourself