The Importance of Values in Our Family Team, with Jacqueline Turbett

The Importance of Values in Our Family Team, with Jacqueline Turbett

Episode 214:

Jacque Turbett is Zach’s Executive Assistant at Smart Real Estate Coach. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from University of South Florida but grew up in Western NY and has lived there most of her life. Jacque has worked in Customer Service in some way shape or form for the last 10 years.

Jacque has a passion for running and spends her time training for half and full marathons throughout the year. She also volunteers for her local running community helping people to train and run their first 5K. Jacque, her husband, and their border collie enjoy hiking on the weekends and going on roadtrips as often as they can.

She joined Smart Real Estate Coach because she always had an interest in Real Estate and loves working to help others reach their dreams and goals.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How, prior to joining the Smart Real Estate Coach team, Jacque ran her own business and ran political campaigns
  • Why Jacque left her career in politics, and how her time leading a business taught her the key skills of time management, discipline and personal development
  • Why Jacque believes one of the most important parts of time management is planning out your day the night before
  • Why the book “Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy helped Jacque develop her discipline by teaching her to do the thing she least wants to do first
  • Why the key to personal growth is to find the right time to read or listen to audiobooks that works for you
  • What Jacque does in her role as Zach's Executive Assistant and working with the coaches and associates in the Smart Real Estate Coach community, and how her role has grown
  • Why working with new students in the onboarding process is Jacque's favorite part of her workday
  • Jacque shares her perspective as an outsider to the real estate investing world, and why she loves working with the team's coaches
  • Why Jacque is grateful that the Smart Real Estate Coach team adheres to the value of “clear, blunt and to-the-point”


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