Automate…or Be Left Behind!

Automate…or Be Left Behind!

Episode 30:

Jackie Gonzalez is a leader for several different areas of PATLive, including their Customer Service department, Accounting Team, and Human Resources team.

As a VP, Jackie is responsible for all of the traditional responsibilities of the position, including the oversight of all financials, legal considerations and personnel management.

As a key member of the Executive Team, Jackie is also involved in the implementation of projects that involve all departments, whether it is a new product/feature roll out, new marketing campaign or a project designed to update or improve internal processes. Jackie puts out fires, but is prepared to build them when they're needed.

What you will learn:

  • Why Jackie went to law school after years of working in the field
  • What Jackie learned from law school and why she went back to PATLive afterwards
  • Learning to change paths when things aren’t going your way and why that’s okay
  • Automating your call answering services with PATLive
  • Why investors aren’t spending their time wisely and how they can fix it
  • The everyday tasks you should be delegating to someone else
  • The services PATLive offers and how you can get a free 14-day trial
  • Customizing the services PATLive offers to fit with your business