Mindset of a Millionaire, with Giuseppe Cicorella

Mindset of a Millionaire, with Giuseppe Cicorella

Episode 285:

Born the son of peasants, Giuseppe Cicorella was a child who clearly understood his dreams, decidedly ambitious and different from those of all the others. Born in Conversano, a small town in the southern Italian region of Puglia, Giuseppe had his first work experiences as a child and tried his hand at any type of activity, showing a flair for business.


At the age of 17, he moved to Milan. From there he approached the real estate sector, which became his greatest passion. After having practiced entrepreneurial activities in Italy for over 25 years, he found himself in conflict with a system, the Italian one, which did not allow him to grow as he would like. In 2015 he decided to move to the United States, and this is where his rise in American real estate begins. Giuseppe went from sleeping in a telephone booth to increasing his wealth, living the experience of sleeping again in a car in the USA, never giving up, and finally becoming a successful millionaire.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Giuseppe made the difficult transition from his childhood life in the small town of Conversano to the global-scale city of Milan at just 17 years old
  • How Giuseppe's drive and hunger for success served as powerful motivation that helped him go from sleeping a week in a phone booth to finding real success in real estate
  • How Giuseppe developed the mindset of a millionaire after being exposed to visionaries like Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki
  • Why time management was a key skill that helped Giuseppe persevere and succeed, and why he relocated to the US and found himself starting over with nothing
  • How Giuseppe obtained his real estate license and began building up his real estate business through force of will and having the mindset of a millionaire
  • What Giuseppe's real estate investment portfolio looks like today, and why he chose to buy properties in Cleveland despite others cautioning him not to
  • What Giuseppe has planned for the future, and why he is looking to focus on single-family homes and short-term rentals
  • Why McDonald's is a real estate business, not a restaurant chain, and how Giuseppe draws inspiration from that fact




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