Loving Your Work and Mastering Your Niche, with Gino Barbaro

Loving Your Work and Mastering Your Niche, with Gino Barbaro

Episode 164:

Gino Barbaro is an investor, business owner, and entrepreneur. He has been investing in real estate for 15 years and has grown his multifamily portfolio to over 1,400 units in just six years and over $90,000,000 in assets. He has teamed up with Jake Stenziano to create JakeandGino.com, a real estate educational company that offers coaching and training in real estate investing. He is the best selling author of Wheelbarrow Profits. Gino is a graduate of IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and is a Certified Professional Coach. He is also the author of the best-selling cookbook Family Food and the Friars. He currently resides in Florida with his beautiful wife Julia and their six children Gabriella, Michael, Sofia, Veronica, Cecilia, and Laura.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Gino realized he needed to make a life change and find a new passion, and how he got involved in multifamily real estate
  • How Gino met his business partner Jake, and how they went into business together and found tremendous success in their chosen niche
  • How Gino balances his work with his responsibilities as a husband and father of six, and why systems, people, and culture are the keys to both aspects of his life
  • Why you have to fall in love with your work, your people and your processes to truly excel in your work
  • What obstacles Gino recognizes in coaching students that are just getting started in multifamily real estate
  • What mistakes Gino made early on in his multifamily investing, and what key lessons he learned from them
  • Gino discusses The Honey Bee: A Business Parable About Getting Un-stuck and Taking Control of Your Financial Future which he co-authored with partner Jake Stenziano
  • Why it is important to learn, do, and then teach, and how coaching others can make you a better investor and create new income streams
  • Gino shares details of one of their big wins, and he explains why patience and persistence are the secrets to great deals
  • Why it takes time to master whatever niche you choose to focus on, and why Gino's father was his first business mentor


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