When the IRS Knocks

When the IRS Knocks

Episode 37:

In 2001, reacting to a huge need in the marketplace, Gerry DeLang founded EndTaxProblems to help taxpayers navigate and resolve their very painful IRS Issues. His company has successfully represented thousands of people over the years, restoring peace and sanity to their lives. They have helped folks from all walks of life, from the long term non filer, to the affluent business facing payroll tax and personal tax issues. Often times life events, health crisis, divorce, business failure , accidents etc throw what was once an orderly financial life into disarray. Never mind the great crashes of the internet bubble and the real estate meltdown. The real estate meltdown caused business issues, personal issues and commercial real estate debt issues to increase even more.

His team of seasoned Enrolled Agents and tax professionals has worked together for almost 20 years, handling all kinds of issues successfully.

So, if you have tax problems large or small, business or personal, from the simple to the most complex, they are here to serve.

What you will learn:

  • How individuals and business owners may suffer from IRS and tax issues.
  • Why events may sneak up on individuals leading to them owing more in taxes than they expected.
  • How back taxes and owing money to the IRS can quickly become mired in complexity.
  • Why owing money to the IRS is really a matter of liquidity more than scale.
  • Why the IRS is now getting tougher on Schedule C tax returns.
  • How expenses can eventually send up red flags to the IRS.
  • How to get back on the road of being a taxpayer with a good filing status.
  • How to save money on IRS penalties and fines