From School Teacher to Full-Time Investor, with Frank Patalano

From School Teacher to Full-Time Investor, with Frank Patalano

Episode 201:

Frank Patalano is a former school teacher who has built enough passive income to work on Real Estate full time. He is a full time real estate investor who has primarily focused on buy and hold residential investing. Before selling some units recently, Frank was a part owner in about 60 units in Rhode Island. He also enjoys syndications (in 5 other states), and has dabbled with development/construction, some commercial, and some private lending.

As a former educator, educating others is a top priority. Frank currently does that as a member and leader in the Rhode Island Real Estate Investors Group and as a co-host of theCashFlowKings, a real estate podcast. Frank also help others through his VA business,

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Frank's career began as a full-time teacher before he began investing on the side without his family's knowledge
  • How Frank's entry into real estate investing started as a place to park his money, and how he slowly transitioned to investing as his primary career
  • Why education and networking have been the main drivers of Frank's deals and the backbone of his portfolio
  • How Frank intentionally keeps a variety of investments in many different markets but doesn't just take every deal
  • Why Frank is a big fan of creating partnerships to do deals, and how he has formed a virtual group to do deals during the pandemic
  • What big mistakes and challenges Frank has made during his career, and what lessons he learned from them
  • Frank shares the details of a big win he achieved, fixing up a property, renting it for a few years, and then selling it for a huge profit
  • How Frank and his group have been adjusting to the realities of pandemic, including successfully pursuing an eviction through Zoom
  • What key daily activities and habits Frank follows to help him stay in the right mindset and achieve his goals
  • Why Frank finds great value in real estate, and how he has had many mentors over his career that have made a lasting difference to him


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