Familycast 34, with Jose Ayala

Familycast 34, with Jose Ayala

Episode 380:

Jose Ayala and his wife Adele are real estate investors and business owners. They have been happily married for 44 years and enjoy spending time with their children and grandkids. Jose has over 40 years’ experience between military and government service. With the same dedication and commitment, he now devotes it toward building his family-owned business, Mi Casa Real Estate Solutions, LLC, in Charles Town, West Virginia.


Mi Casa Real Estate Solutions was started to provide flexible real estate solutions for both sellers and buyers through Lease Purchase and Owner Financing. Whether you are dreaming of becoming a first-time home buyer or selling your home to maximize your profit, we can help. Mi Casa Real Estate Solutions: serving and investing in people, one house at a time.


They serve in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and the nearby regions in Northern Virginia to help sellers and buyers realize their dreams of home ownership using a nontraditional and creative method.


What you will learn in this episode:


  • How Jose went from a background in military and defense contracting to owning his own real estate business
  • What steps Nick guided Jose through to help him learn the ins and outs of rent-to-own real estate
  • How the Wicked Smart program is set up to build confidence and reduce reliance on our team over time
  • Jose’s take on why the Wicked Smart community has worked out for him over other programs that he’s tried in the past
  • How doing your homework on shifting your mindset can help expedite your growth
  • Why approaching the program with a long-term perspective is essential for your success




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