The Seven Laws of Sales, with Dan Doran

The Seven Laws of Sales, with Dan Doran

Episode 331:

Dan Doran is a Master Coach for real estate investment entrepreneurs. He and his team have coached over 1,800 entrepreneurs to six and seven-figure incomes. No joke! Dan built up his $5 million REI coaching company by advising real estate investors on how to supercharge their investing results by applying his REI master skills.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • What are the seven laws of sales, and how Dan uses them to close nearly 50% of deals
  • Why it’s important to keep things simple during the sales process
  • What affirmative and positive responses can you get from a buyer other than “yes”
  • How often should a salesperson be talking, and what types of things should they be saying
  • Why you should show and explain more than you should talk when selling
  • How using someone’s name during the sales process is beneficial
  • What are the three things you should do when you encounter an objection




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