The Benefits of Being Part of the Community, with Vanessa Koppel and Jeff Redmond

The Benefits of Being Part of the Community, with Vanessa Koppel and Jeff Redmond

Episode 270:

About Vanessa Koppel:

Vanessa Koppel grew up in a small town in Amelia Island Florida, went to NYU and lived in NYC for 10 years. She worked professionally as a performer and a real estate agent for 7 years in NYC, and then worked as a sales executive at Hilton in midtown Manhattan for the past 3 years. In the past year, she has been back and forth from NYC to FL, working virtually and building her real estate business, Creative Properties Group, under the guidance of Smart Real Estate Coach. She is 30 years old and has a family she adores – her mom, dad and brother have been her strength and courage. She is a certified yoga instructor, has a recently adopted pup named Daphne, and has a hunger for travel and education. It has been a dream to own and operate her own real estate investing business and is so excited for what the future holds.

About Jeff Redmond:

Jeff Redmond is from middle America and is proud to work at Walmart. Early on, he became disillusioned and spent his young adulthood discovering how to take that energy and create something productive from it. Now approaching age 40, the real estate arena has presented itself and only now has Jeff applied his accumulated knowledge toward a passion that was always dormant. This is the culmination of training, passion, and focus, and Jeff is here to punch through and make a statement in the real estate investing space. He is counting the days before he can quit his union job and truly go all in!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jeff got started with the Smart Real Estate Community and became an associate first through the 90 Day Jump Start program, and what that experience was like
  • How Jeff joined the 90 Day Jump Start program in spite of having no disposable money at the time, and why his dedication and creativity became huge assets for his success
  • Why Vanessa got started in real estate as an opportunity to create something she can own, even though she loves her executive career
  • Why the biggest appealing factor of the Wicked Smart community for Vanessa is the shared experience of connecting with people who are “climbing the same mountain” together
  • What invaluable skills, knowledge and support Vanessa and Jeff have been able to gain from the community
  • Why Jeff and Vanessa chose to buy properties in remote markets, and how familiarity with those markets in spite of living elsewhere helped both develop confidence
  • How Vanessa's skills and confidence have grown over the course of the last 13 months that she has been involved in real estate investing
  • How Jeff's first 12 months in the community have given him a brand new perspective and created confidence and financial security and a sense of freedom for him
  • How Jeff and Vanessa became an investing team, and what shift they've experienced since joined the High Six Associate level together
  • What kinds of wins Vanessa and Jeff have experienced in their partnership, and how each works to support the other

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