How to Save a Real Estate Deal, with Steve and Lauren Mernick

How to Save a Real Estate Deal, with Steve and Lauren Mernick

Episode 254:

Lauren & Steve Mernick are the founders of Home On Your Terms and are based in eastern Connecticut. Steve serves as the company’s Acquisitions Director and loves crafting up creative solutions for sellers, while Lauren works as Sales Director and enjoys helping deserving buyers achieve their goal of home ownership. When not working on their own business, they are mentoring other investors who wish to learn the terms of the niche of real estate.

In their free time, they are with their two young children and two dogs. Steve can also be considered a cornhole connoisseur, so you may find him outside perfecting his form. Lauren is a huge fan of “The Office,” so she may or may not quote some of her favorite lines while on a call with you.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Steve and Lauren have made the transition into coaching as part of the Smart Real Estate Coach community, and what big wins they've helped their students achieve
  • How Steve and Lauren worked hard to discover how to save a real estate deal that was about to go under when the sellers got cold feet just one day before close
  • What strategies Steve and Lauren suggest for any investor wanting to learn how to save a real estate deal in a similar situation where the seller develops cold feet
  • Why strong, open communication is the cornerstone of the relationship Steve and Lauren are able to develop with the students they coach
  • Why dealing with problems and unexpected events calmly and with the right mindset while avoiding falling into your emotions is the key to overcoming any challenge
  • How collaborating and strategizing together helped Steve, Lauren and their student, Mark, work through the last-minute disaster to find the right solution
  • Why the biggest win from saving the deal was the incredible learning opportunity it created for everyone involved
  • Why stumbles like this one are important experiences that can help you learn to adapt, pivot, and be flexible in the face of any challenge
  • Why Stevel and Lauren relish the opportunity to coach others, and what satisfaction they draw from helping others


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