Leaving the Grind to be Full-Time Real Estate Investors, with Greg and Cami Goucher

Leaving the Grind to be Full-Time Real Estate Investors, with Greg and Cami Goucher

Episode 148:

Greg and Cami Goucher are happily married with a blended family of five kids. They live in Northeastern Ohio and love to travel. They understand the challenges and complexities of life, including divorce, job loss, legal battles, not to mention buying and selling a home. If you’re looking for a solution to your real estate issues, their team is here to help you. Their team is flexible, very easy to work with, and has a proven track record of making win-win deals for both the seller and buyer.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Greg spent more than 20 years in trucking and Cami spent nearly the same amount of time in nursing before they got started with the Smart Real Estate Coach
  • How Cami and Greg first got started working with Chris and learning his real estate strategies, and how real estate was the ideal strategy for their blended family
  • How Greg and Cami transitioned from their longtime careers to working in real estate, and what challenges they faced making the jump
  • How Greg and his former boss made a mutual decision to part ways when Greg realized his focus needed to be on real estate
  • How being part of the Wicked Smart community helps give Greg and Cami accountability and serves to inspire them to succeed
  • What major realizations Greg and Cami have made since they decided to go into real estate investing full time
  • How Greg and Cami keep their written plan on their bedside table and frequently revisit and review it to maintain focus on their goals
  • What daily habits and disciplines Greg and Cami follow to help put them in the right mindset and focus
  • What advice Greg and Cami would offer and what strategies they would recommend to new investors just starting out


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