The High-Six Husband and Wife Associate Team, with Steve and Lauren Mernick

The High-Six Husband and Wife Associate Team, with Steve and Lauren Mernick

Episode 133:

Steve and Lauren Mernick are a husband and wife team investing in real estate primarily in CT, but sometimes in RI and western MA. They come from various professional backgrounds (Steve from custom woodworking, Lauren from mental health). They have been interested in real estate investing for quite some time, but really kicked into gear about one-and-a-half years ago; they were fortunate enough to find Chris and the SREC team and haven’t looked back since! Their goal is to be full time in real estate and to build something they can pass on to our kids. They have lots of different entrepreneurial interests and are looking forward to seeing them come to fruition.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Steve and Lauren find balance between their complex and active careers and being high-six associates, all while being parents to young children
  • What the typical day in the Mernick household looks like, and how Steve and Lauren make time for investing work around everything else going on in their lives
  • Why Steve and Lauren first got interested in real estate, and how real estate investing is helping them build the life they want for their family
  • How real estate deals are helping Steve combat feelings of boredom and stagnation in his career
  • Why being a part of the Smart Real Estate Coach community has helped empower Steve and Lauren to succeed
  • How Steve and Lauren divide up their work, and why it is important to reframe your thoughts around rejection
  • Steve and Lauren share the story of a recent subject-to deal that turned into a major win for them
  • Who Lauren and Steve think should and shouldn't become associates under Chris Prefontaine's Smart Real Estate Coach program, and what benefits they received by becoming associates
  • Why Lauren believes it's important to surround yourself by people who can be supportive of your real estate niche and who can hold you accountable
  • Why there's no such thing as getting rich quick, and why you must be prepared to take the time to learn and put in the hard work


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