Becoming a Part of the Smart Real Estate Coach Team, with Ryan Staples

Becoming a Part of the Smart Real Estate Coach Team, with Ryan Staples

Episode 126:

Ryan Staples is the Director of Creative Media at Smart Real Estate Coach. He joined the company in October 2018 and handles many areas of our digital branding and in-house marketing, including video production, graphic design, and web development.

He began designing websites when he was 10 years old. Not long after that, he got his hands on a camcorder and started playing with analog video editing, casting his younger brother and sister to act in sketches and short films that he wrote. In 2011, Ryan got an account management job at a business consulting firm, eventually working his way up to the position of Creative Director. He prides himself on the personal touch that he brings to media production work, ensuring that it’s coated with a professional sheen, but never looks automated or overly produced.

Ryan is a passionate fan of Boston Sports. In his free time, he enjoys reading, art, film, and writing as a creative outlet – be it short stories, novels, films or television scripts. He’s also been performing stand-up comedy since 2010, working all of the major clubs and casinos in the area. Ryan lives in Worcester, MA with his wife and son.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Ryan got started in digital media and web development, and how he first connected with Chris Prefontaine
  • How major seismic shifts in Ryan's life led to him coming to work for Chris and becoming a part of the Smart Real Estate Coach family team
  • How working with Elite Entrepreneurs has been a transformative experience, teaching Ryan and the team how to scale and grow the business the right way
  • How Ryan was first exposed to the terms business at Chris Prefontaine's QLS Live event, and what new facets of the real estate business he learned at that event
  • What important part Ryan plays in the family team, and what diverse work he does to help associates
  • How Ryan is working to make sure the QLS course program continues to grow, evolve and improve while remaining an incredible value
  • Why you should join the completely free Wicked Smart Sitdown on the third Thursday of every month
  • How welcoming his son into his family helped Ryan deal with losing his job when John Alexandrov passed away


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