Tackling the Affordability Crisis, with Eddie Speed

Tackling the Affordability Crisis, with Eddie Speed

Episode 370:

Since 1980, Eddie Speed has dedicated his professional life to the Note buying industry, seller financing, and non-performing notes. He's introduced innovative ideas and strategies that have positively impacted the way the industry operates today.


Eddie founded NoteSchool, which is a highly recognized training company, specialized in the teaching of buying performing and non-performing discounted mortgage notes.


He is also the owner and president Colonial Funding Group LLC, which acquires and brokers discounted real estate secured notes. He has been a leader and innovator in the Note Business for over 30 years.


What you will learn in this episode:


  • Why Eddie sees affordability in today’s market as more impactful than supply and demand
  • Why you shouldn’t leave it up to your CPA to construct creative tax solutions
  • How social media is impacting buyers’ and sellers’ views of the market
  • What the current affordability crisis means for those looking to make money in creative financing
  • How Eddie’s book can help you take advantage of the current market and start making money




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