Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, with Dr. Joe Vitale

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, with Dr. Joe Vitale

Episode 247:

Dr. Joe Vitale is a globally famous author; marketing guru; movie, tv, and radio personality; musician; and one of the top 50 inspirational speakers in the world. His many bestselling books include The Attractor Factor, Attract Money Now, Zero Limits, and his latest releases The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment and Anything Is Possible.

A popular, leading expert on the law of attraction in many movies, including The Secret, Dr. Vitale discovered the “missing secret” not revealed in the movie. He's been on Larry King Live, Donny Deutsch's “The Big Idea,” CNN, CNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News: Fox & Friends and Extra TV. He's also been featured in The New York Times and Newsweek.

One of his most recent accomplishments includes being the world's first self-help singer- songwriter as seen in 2012's Rolling Stone Magazine®. To date, he has released 17 albums! Several of his songs were recognized and nominated for the Posi Award, regarded as “The Grammys of Positive Music.”

Well-known, not only as a thinker, but as a healer, clearing people’s subconscious minds of limiting beliefs, Dr. Joe Vitale is also an authentic practitioner of modern Ho'oponopono, certified Reiki healer, certified Chi Kung practitioner, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified NLP practitioner, Ordained Minister, and Doctor of Metaphysical Science. He is a seeker and a learner; once homeless who has spent the last four decades learning how to master the powers that channel the pure creative energy of life without resistance, and creating the Miracles Coaching® and Zero Limits Mastery® programs to help people achieve their life’s purpose.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Dr. Vitale experienced a difficult two-year period after filing for divorce, losing his father, and other challenges, and how he survived
  • How Dr. Vitale leaned into the principles of stoicism to help him endure and navigate the many challenges he faced
  • Why it is important to realize when you are dealing with more than you can handle and reach out to ask for help
  • How finding a coach and being “ruthlessly honest” with yourself can help you put your problems and challenges into perspective
  • Why it sometimes takes an outside point of view to help you recognize how strong and resilient you really are
  • How the Hawaiian healing practice of Ho'oponopono has become a powerful backbone of Dr. Vitale's spiritual and emotional beliefs
  • How Ho'oponopono teaches that the perception of a situation is what causes pain, not the situation itself, and how it can help you correct your perception to find peace
  • How traditional Ho'oponopono is a group-based activity, and how Dr. Vitale teaches a different, individualized version
  • Which books Dr. Vitale recommends you read if you want to learn more about the practice of Ho'oponopono
  • Why the key to achieving real success is to break through your limiting beliefs and realize that anything is possible


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