6 Yrs Alcohol-Free and Crushing it in 4 States, with Dan Breslin

6 Yrs Alcohol-Free and Crushing it in 4 States, with Dan Breslin

Episode 74:

Dan Breslin is the current host of the REI Diamonds Podcast. Dan is the Founder & President of Diamond Equity Investments, a quick flip investment company with yearly revenues over $3 Million currently operating in Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Tampa & Miami, FL. Since founding the company in 2006, he has closed hundreds of deals. All of those deal excluding ONE he purchased Off-Market. That other one-the one he bought using an agent-he actually made a bad deal and lost money. These days he does between 25-50 Off Market directly with the Sellers every

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • How Dan got started in real estate at the age of 26, and how his first deal was fuel for his later successes
  • Why Dan structured his business around strategies car dealerships use to close deals on sales
  • How Dan works to build loyalty with his business partners by treating them fairly
  • How Dan's business has expanded into markets around the country, and where he has found the most success
  • Why mentors were critical for Dan when he was learning the business, and how those mentorships helped Dan get access to buyers
  • How to get free access to Dan's 160+ page PDF “Become a Wholesale Real Estate Master”, which he used as his business plan for Diamond Equity Investments
  • Which mistakes Dan made in his career, including leaving a functioning and profitable partnership too soon
  • Dan's three rituals he does every day that help put him in the right mindset for business
  • Dan's plans for the future and for growing his business and tackling new challenges
  • Dan's recommendations for essential reading, and how he works to integrate the lessons he's learned into his life
  • Why Dan's biggest advice is to make connections that can help with lead generation