Understanding Business Tax Deductions, with Craig Cody CPA

Understanding Business Tax Deductions, with Craig Cody CPA

Episode 260:

Craig Cody is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Coach, Business Owner and Former New York City Police Officer with 17 years experience on the Force. As a Certified Tax Coach, Craig belongs to a select group of tax practitioners throughout the country who undergo extensive training and continued education on various tax planning techniques and strategies to become, as well as remain certified. With this organization he has co-authored an Amazon best seller, Secrets of a Tax Free Life. Craig has just written his 3rd book: The 12 Biggest Tax Mistakes That Cost Dentists Thousands.

He is also the host of The Progressive Agency Podcast and the Progressive Dentist Podcast which helps Agency owners and Dentists make and keep more of the money they make.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Craig and his team help people such as solopreneurs, wholesalers and other real estate investors understand business tax deductions and save on their taxes
  • Why taking the time to think about and plan for your taxes is the key to finding ways to save huge money, and why too few entrepreneurs think about taxes year-round
  • Why talking to a CPA and asking what you can do differently to save on taxes is crucial for any business owner
  • Why doing your own taxes to avoid paying an expert usually ends up with you paying far, far more in taxes than you have to and leaving money on the table
  • Why too many people dismiss the powerful home office deduction because they're worried it will flag them for audit
  • What other big deductions and tax savings real estate investors and business owners often don't know about, such as a home gym or pool
  • Why hiring a qualified bookkeeper can save you time, money and stress and free you to focus on growing your business, and what other common mistakes business owners make
  • Why setting up a dream team of legal, financial and tax representation is powerful, and how to get a free copy of Craig's book and other free resources
  • Why regular communication with your CPA is absolutely vital for understanding business tax deductions available to you, and why you shouldn't wait until the end of the year
  • How and why Craig made the dramatic career pivot from being a part of the NYPD to studying taxes and becoming a tax professional


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