Real Estate Investor Tax Strategies, with Clint Coons

Real Estate Investor Tax Strategies, with Clint Coons

Episode 301:

As one of the founding partners of Anderson Law Group, Clint Coons has grown his legal and tax firm to over 200 employees by assisting real estate investors with creating and implementing solid entity structuring plans. His success in these regards is in large part due to his personal investing experience. Taking what he learned growing up in a real estate family, Clint has acquired over 100 properties, from small single family homes to commercial buildings.


A prolific writer and educator, Clint has published hundreds of articles, videos, and workbooks on the subjects of real estate investing and asset protection, including his most recent book Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors. Using real-life examples and his personal experiences, Clint knows what really works in investing and what to avoid. A successful attorney, real estate investor, and speaker, Clint has used his innovative and dynamic strategies coupled with knowledge borne from experience to help thousands of people save millions of dollars and build real wealth.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Clint and his team at Anderson Law Group helps investors understand the real estate investor tax strategies available to them
  • Why a C-Corp isn't usually the right business structure for a real estate investor, and how Anderson helps investors prepare for the future
  • Why taxes aren't the only consideration for which structure you should use, and why business planning is important as well
  • Clint outlines some of the misconceptions people have about subject-to deals and the ownership of the property
  • Why doing a cost segregation study on the property you own can save you big money by maximizing depreciation deductions
  • What other key deductions and tax strategies investors often miss that could improve the profitability of their business
  • Clint shares how making two small changes was able to save one investor $45,000 a year in unnecessary taxes
  • What other key accounting and real estate investor tax strategies you should look into that can maximize your business and minimize your taxes
  • What exciting strategies and scenarios Clint will share at QLS Live from September 15-17, 2021




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