Can you build a big Real Estate business as a Millennial?

Can you build a big Real Estate business as a Millennial?

Episode 54:

Chris Salazar is a Co-Founder and Partner at Arsenal Properties, a real estate investment firm based in Chicago. Chris started the company right after college at the age of 22. In the past year, he has built it to a $6M portfolio of single and multi-family properties. Chris is also the host of Mentors & Millennials, which is a podcast aimed at connecting young, ambitious entrepreneurs with successful businessmen in order to expedite their growth and success.

What you'll learn about in this episode:

  • The book that inspired Chris to get started when he was in college
  • How Chris was able to start wholesaling properties and making money while he was still in college
  • How he bases his market in an area 3 hours away from where he lives
  • Why you need to have the right people around you for your business to run well
  • Chris’ experience with rejection and how it helped him grow
  • The importance of having mentors in all areas of your life
  • Stumbling blocks Chris hit when he was still learning and how he learned and grew from them
  • How systems, checklists, and protocols have helped Chris be successful
  • What you can expect from Chris’ podcast “Mentors and Millennials,” which will launch soon
  • Why working in real estate can be extremely gratifying
  • How Chris structures his employees — from in house employees to outsourcing
  • An example of a morning routine to set your day up for success
  • Something you should do every single day to make sure you’re moving forward
  • A great way to multitask improving your body and your brain
  • The importance of consistency and sticking to your goals
  • Why you should focus on learning one thing at a time
  • One of the most important things you should do when you’re starting in real estate
  • How to stop hesitating and get started investing